From 1984-2020,  I worked as one of the original “hedcut” artists whose dot drawings appear in The Wall Street Journal. Yes, the familiar, iconic “dot” drawings are made by actual people, using actual pens, ink, and paper. So 19th Century! The intricate style, which evokes the look of engravings, is emblematic of the care and precision the hedcut artists bring to every drawing.

As a senior “hedcut” illustrator, I drew almost everything: pit bulls, dust mites, medical procedures, popes, prime ministers, presidents, rock stars, wrestlers, sock monkeys, roses, La Sagrada Familia, falafel, burgers, blenders, and a guy in a bear suit. My work is included in the National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian, as part of their collection of portraits by the artists of The Wall Street Journal. Profiles or mentions of me and my award-winning work as a dot illustrator have appeared on network news programs in New York and Boston, as well as in many publications, including The New Yorker, Working Woman, Advertising Age, and The Star-Ledger.

I (obviously) love drawing hedcuts, and though now retired from my staff position, occasionally collaborate on projects.  Feel free to contact me.

Lin Manuel Miranda in Hamilton, the Musical 

Inside India Tiger logo 

President Barak Obama 

Angus  private commission

Rana Temporanea 

Duff Beer 

Charles Bergestrasser  Dow Jones Museum

Moscow Mule for WSJ

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