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Tell Me More About Yourself 

(Self-Portraits and Other Autobiographical Endeavors)

Curated by Juno Zago

73 Market Street, Newark NJ

June 25th – August 5th, 2022

Like portraits of others, self-portraits often capture likeness in relation to time, place, and life events. They can be emblematic or symbolic of things we believe in, oftentimes saying more about the creator than the artist themselves would care to admit. Therefore the goal of Tell Me More About Yourself (Self-Portraits and Other Autobiographical Endeavors) is for artists to present any work they feel depicts and reflects their true thoughts and form, regardless of whether they imbue the work with their physical image.

This exhibition casts a wide net and captures an impressive variety of interpretations on the ever-present artistic motif, offering the audience a rare treasure trove of old and new takes on the creative confessional that is the self-portrait. 

Featured in the Main Gallery, self-portraits will serve as a prism through which to witness the black experience, both in its beauty and in its struggles. They will celebrate body, self-expression, sex and sexuality. They will wrestle with and find ways to contend with grief. They will mark profound moments in the artist’s life, as well as profound moments in current times. Some will be devoid of figures; others, will present objects as self-portraits, rooms as self-portraits, and alleyways as self-portraits. 

It is an exhibition borrowing from the salon-style presentation, where wildly different artistic expressions coexist under the same banner and no one artwork need be the sole ambassador of a particular point of view. Thus, allowing the abstract self to serve as the expression of being above all else. 

So pleased to be part of this!

 Rewriting Herstory: Volume Two

by Victory Hall Press (Author), Anne Trauben (Editor)

Drawing Rooms' catalogue for our exhibition on inspiring women attempts to set the record straight and rewrite history to include Herstory. We want to honor all inspiring women (special shout out to BIPOC)- contemporary, as well as throughout history, national, as well as international women. We want to tell their stories visually and through text. Volume One, Women Making the World Better features 38 artists from across the country and internationally, and 75 images of women who have changed the world for the good in some way.

Rewriting Herstory Volume Two, continues the story, including women from both present and past who have made progress and shattered barriers in a variety of fields: Women in music and dance, sports and the written word, TV, radio, cinema and theatre, science and math.

Find my drawing of Oprah on Page 71!

See the print book here on Amazon

Read the online version here on


This October, I will again join over 60 other artists and makers
in a weekend-long Open Studio, at the creative hive known as Manufacturers Village in East Orange, NJ.
Explore this 19th century complex,
and immerse yourself in art. 

Come see me in my beautiful 
newly expanded studio!

Saturday - Sunday : : October 14 - 16, 2022 : : 11 am - 5 pm
Building 2, second floor, Studio A
(Please note: no elevator.)
356 Glenwood Avenue, East Orange, NJ 07017
studio door opens in Franklin Alley

Special pricing will be in effect for this event.
I'll also be offering beautiful giclee prints.
I look forward to seeing you.


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 Now you can find my work at JAM at MAM! 


JAM at MAM was created to help our artist community, NJ agencies that serve human needs, and MAM.   

Access extraordinary works by artists across the state and show your support from the comfort of your home. Help keep the NJ arts community alive and thriving while supporting those most in need.


50% directly to the artist
10% to partner agencies that serve human needs
40% to Montclair Art Museum

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