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In December 2019 I moved my studio to the industrial complex known as Manufacturers Village in East Orange, NJ.  One of the wonderful aspects of this special community of artists is the annual Open Studios event in October, during which thousands of people flock from all over to see what MV artists are doing and making. 


This year, due to COVID-19, that weekend-long event became a month-long virtual experience.  Please visit the site and enjoy the tour of more than 40 artists.  Sign up for updates.

To schedule a studio visit, contact me.

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 Now you can find my work at JAM at MAM! 


JAM at MAM was created to help our artist community, NJ agencies that serve human needs, and MAM.   

Access extraordinary works by artists across the state and show your support from the comfort of your home. Help keep the NJ arts community alive and thriving while supporting those most in need.


50% directly to the artist
10% to partner agencies that serve human needs
40% to Montclair Art Museum

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