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Red River Gorge 

Part of an ongoing series, these drawings are from hikes I've taken for many years

in the Red River Gorge in my native Kentucky.  The Gorge is a wild,  exquisitely beautiful geological area of rushing waters, mountainous trails, natural stone arches and mysterious crevasses. The silent surface of the sandstone, the sensual, sometimes menacing shapes revealed, invade me.

charcoal on paper, Red River Gorge, sandstone

Red River Gorge Series: Whisper  : :  charcoal on paper, 5.5" x 7"

Red River Gorge, charcoal on paper, drawing, stone, abstract landscape

Red River Gorge Series: Gaze  : :  charcoal on paper,   7" x 9"

for website- Red River Gorge Series- Ent

Red River Gorge Series: Enter : : charcoal on paper,   7" x 9"

for website 'Red River Gorge Series - Em

Red River Gorge Series: Embrace : :  charcoal on paper,  9" x 7"

for website-_Red River Gorge Series- Lic

Red River Gorge Series: Lick  : :  charcoal on paper, 7" x 9"

© 2023 Laura Lou Levy

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