Land, Water, Light

For years I’ve been seduced by landscape, and the interaction of land, water, and light. I love charcoal for its immediacy, its responsiveness and surprises. The velvet blacks of land and the glowing white of water and sky tell a temporal story. Clouds thicken, and fall. The simple shapes made by land meeting water meeting air take on weight and glow.  My work is specific to place, and these places are all very meaningful to me. 

This is Where We Were, 1-4 : :   charcoal on paper in 4 panels,   7" x  34"

Weather, 1-2  : :  charcoal on paper, diptych,   14" x 31" framed

Path, 1-2  : : charcoal on paper, diptych,  each panel 5" x 7"

Evening at Forillon : :  charcoal on paper, diptych, each panel 5" x 8.5"

On the Way to Montreal ,1 : :  charcoal on paper, 7" x 9"

©2021  Laura Lou Levy